Undergraduate Studies

Math Faculty 2015

The ability to simplify complex situations through abstraction and systematic reasoning is a tremendous asset in any career, and there are many exciting opportunities for math students. Currently a math background is one of the best ways to get into an education program. Teaching positions at the university and college level become an option to students continuing on to graduate school. The business sector employs mathematics and statistics graduates, especially in the fields of actuarial science, investment, and banking. For mathematicians also interested in computer science, there are many career opportunities in the software industry (systems analysis, software engineering, computer programming).

The field of statistics deals with numerical information – data. Statisticians use mathematical and computational tools to make sense of data, and statistical models and methods are essential in all types of scientific research. The demand for statisticians is currently high and expected to increase, with jobs in governmental agencies and the private sector, e.g. product development, pharmaceutical research, transportation, insurance, and marketing. A mathematics degree, especially with a statistics concentration, is good preparation for graduate studies in statistics.

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